Space Management & Planning


Smart Working

Many businesses find that when they add workstations and storage to their office space, they soon run out of room, and think it’s time to move. Similarly, a CEO might walk through the office and wonder why only half its workstations are occupied. This is because most organisations don’t have a space issue – they have a space usage issue.


Equinox collection is an office-space consultancy firm, and has a large portfolio of clients who have called on our knowledge and expertise to make more efficient and effective use off their office space. For example, we have helped Warpco-Larfarge, Guinness PLC. United Calabar Cement Company, Diamond Bank and many more organisations find space they didn’t know they had.

The Benefits Of Office Space Consultancy

  • Improved occupancy levels and use of space
  • Lower occupancy costs
  • Reduced property portfolio
  • Higher operating efficiency
  • Improved workflow and processes
  • Departmental proximity optimization
  • Better in-office communication
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Significant improvements to office design and layout, for ease and enjoyment of working