Productivity at Work in Nigeria; Benefits of a Productive Workspace, Ways to Help Staffs Be More Productive, Effects & Causes of Low Productivity

People sometimes
wonder what exactly productivity at work means, how it can be ascertained, the
benefits of having a conducive environment, how to improve productivity etc.

Productivity in the workplace relates to how efficiently your workers accomplish your company’s goals and produce goods or services for customers.


In some cases,
it can be ascertained by reviewing the amount of work your staffs carry out within
a certain number of hours or amount of labor cost.

It could be the
speed at which your workers produce a product at a factory, handle technical
support calls for a tech firm or serve customers at a restaurant.

Benefits of a Productive Workplace

Our […]

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in every home. An individual’s bedroom is a reflection of their personality as well as social class and economic status and this is unique to each person. Designing a room regardless of its size can be a daunting task. In the right hands, this equally becomes a piece of cake and the task is completed in the right way and in good time.

The bedroom is often the trickiest room to arrange in any new place. Care needs to be taken when setting up the bedroom as it can be […]

Do’s & Don’ts, How to Clean Furniture – Wood, Leather & Fabric including Velvet, Mat, Silk, Cotton etc

furniture clean not only makes the piece more attractive, but lengthens its
lifespan immensely.

While cleaning a
whole house’s worth of furniture can represent a major undertaking, it doesn’t
have to be a hassle.

In most cases,
regular dusting and vacuuming in combination with semiannual deep cleans will
keep your furniture looking fantastic.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture

While experts have varying opinions on the care of wood furniture, it usually depends on the finish of the piece thus we recommend consumers ask for specific care and cleaning guidelines when purchasing new or old furnishings.



Don’t avoid dusting
furniture. Frequent dusting removes airborne deposits that build up in a […]

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Want To Reduce Back Pains at Work? Explore the Remedies/Relief by Equinox Ergonomic Office Chair

Do you experience back pains during working hours or at the end of the day after leaving the office?
We can relate!
Whether it’s dull and achy or sharp and stabbing, back pains make everyone feel uncomfortable at certain times.
Back pains can plague your workdays and free time thus leading to an overall decrease in concentration.
Common causes of back pain at work
A number of factors can contribute to back pains at work. For example:
Inactivity or Desk Job
An inactive job or a desk job can contribute to back pain, especially if you have poor posture or sit all day in a […]

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