Where can I buy genuine Equinox products?

You can buy our products by visiting our showroom at 3, Olayiwola street, Off Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

How do I place an Order without coming to your showroom/office?

You can place an Order by sending a mail, detailing the product of your choice, quantity and dimensions to equinoxng@gmail.com or call these numbers 08033087048, 08030881676, 09030285603.

You can also order online by visiting our website www.equinoxcollections.com

Do you sell single furniture units?

Yes. We sell any number of furniture units you need.

How do I find a product and make purchase?

Visit our “how to find products” page to understand how to navigate the website

How long will it take an order to get to me?

Our items are made to order and take 2-14 working days to deliver except for some special products that are same day delivery.

What are the factors to consider when buying a sofa/other furniture?

When buying a sofa, the following factors are to be considered;

  • Materials used
  • Cushioning quality- this relates to the load bearing ability of the sofa.
  • Durability: This depends solely on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of the furniture.

Must my bed frame be the same size with my mattress?

For convenience sake it has to. When you are buying a bed frame, it is important it fits the mattress as well. Many times it happens, that either the frame is way larger than the mattress or it is smaller than the mattress. In either case, it becomes very inconvenient to sleep on.

Who do I contact to make a complaint?

Contact our Customer Service on: 08030881676, 08033087048, 08051661017, 09030285603 or send a mail to equinoxng@gmail.com

Is it better to shop online, go to a showroom or call to buy my furniture?

That depends on what’s most important to you. Do you need to test the product first, or can you determine what you want by looking at a picture of the product? Equinox Furniture offers you a virtual showroom for your convenience but you can also visit our physical showroom at 3, Olayiwola street, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos.

Why is furniture so important?

Furniture takes up the majority of the space and helps make your home feel lived in, welcoming and complete. Furniture designs and choice of furniture portrays your standard and thinking.